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Feb 8, 2017

Jon and Russ discuss Episode Two, Garth Brooks concerts, Nazis, New York City's parking laws, and more!

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Our show is hosted by Russ Feder (@russfeder) and Jonathan Marballi (@jonnymarbles)

Our theme song is by John D Ivy (SoundCloud, YouTube)

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New York Times Metro Digest from 9/28/1992

McCandlish Phillips' 1965 Times piece about the Jewish KKK Grand Dragon

Eviction Suit Threatens Bitter End, a Folk Legend

Under the Sign of a Topless Car Wash, Frustration

With a Nod Toward Mecca, Weary Car Owners Give Thanks for a Parking Reprieve

Dinkins's Drug Chief Quits Over Tight Budget

Two Are Charged in East Village Slaying


"Mad About You" was a romantic sit-com from the 90s that aired on NBC from 1992 - 1999. It starred Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as Paul and Jamie Buchman, two newlyweds navigating their marriage and life in New York City. The show also featured Leila Kenzle and Richard Kind as Mark and Fran Devanow, their married friends, Anne Ramsay as Jamie's sister Lisa, and John Pankow as Paul's cousin Ira.

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