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Jan 31, 2018

This week's Mad About You was fantaaaastic! Just fantaaaaastic! Jon and Russ welcome an old favorite back in Episode 22 of Mad About You's second season ("Storms We Cannot Weather"). They KIND of like him. (This is a big hint!) They're also thrilled to discuss the television and Broadway appearances of a very...

Jan 24, 2018

With apologies to Alice Cooper, school's IN! The 21st episode of Mad About You's second season is here ("Disorientation"), so get ready to learn a thing or two. Jamie's all set to pursue higher education again. OR IS SHE?? Jon and Russ tell you all about it, as well as uncovering the legacy of Archie Bunker's home, the...

Jan 17, 2018

A title so nice, they used it (at least) thrice! Russ and Jon spend some time together discussing three songs titled "Mad About You". Great times to be had! Enjoy this mini-sode! Please listen, rate, and review! Let's make it to #50by50 ! Have fun, friends!

Jan 10, 2018

New year, same podcast! Russ and Jon are here with the first full length episode of Mad About Mad About You! Moms can be stressful- even if you're a dog! We're here to talk about it as we break down "The Last Scampi" (Season Two, Episode Nineteen). We also talk about Yoko Ono's musical, the price of kosher butchery, and...

Jan 3, 2018

Has there ever been news more important or vital than the impending return of Mad About You to our television screens?? Of course not!  Join Jon and Russ for a mini-episode in which they discuss their highest hopes and darkest fears for the potential return of America's Favorite Sitcom. Listen up and listen good!